Ioannis Papadakis

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Welcome!  I am a research fellow at the Economics Department of the University of Sussex, a researcher at the CITP, and a visiting lecturer at the Imperial College Business School. In 2023, I received a PhD in economics from the Queen Mary University of London. Before coming to London, I received an M.Sc. in Economics from the University of Warwick. My research revolves around macro and labour economics. I study technical change and globalization, with an emphasis on wage inequality and economic performance. Among other positions, I have been fortunate to be a research assistant at the CEP's Growth Programme and a guest teacher at the LSE.

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Latest news – since November 15th 2022:

Research Spotlight
Artificial Intelligence and Jobs: Evidence from US Commuting Zones
with G. Gancia, A. Bonfiglioli, R. Crino

ABSTRACT:  We study the effect of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on employment across US commuting zones over the period 2000-2020. A simple model shows that AI can automate jobs or complement workers, and illustrates how to estimate its effect by exploiting variation in a novel measure of local exposure to AI: job growth in AI-related professions built from detailed occupational data. Using a shift-share instrument that combines industry-level AI adoption with local industry employment, we estimate robust negative effects of AI exposure on employment across commuting zones and time. We find that AI's impact is different from other capital and technologies, and that it works through services more than manufacturing. Moreover, the employment effect is especially negative for low-skill and production workers, while it turns positive for workers at the top of the wage distribution. These results are consistent with the view that AI has contributed to the automation of jobs and to widen inequality. 

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