Ioannis Papadakis

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Welcome!  I am a research fellow at the University of Sussex's Economics Department and a researcher at the CITP. In 2023, I received a PhD in economics from Queen Mary University of London. Before coming to London, I received an M.Sc. in Economics from the University of Warwick. My research revolves around macro and labour economics. I study technical change and globalization, with an emphasis on wage inequality and economic performance. Among other positions, I have been fortunate to be a research assistant at the CEP's Growth Programme and a guest teacher at the LSE.

Latest news – since November 15th 2022:

Research Spotlight
Technical Change from the Top: The Role of Director Nationality in Importing Robots

ABSTRACT:  How do directors impact robot adoption? Despite growing recognition of leadership in decision-making, we lack evidence on how corporate leaders shape technology. In this paper, I advance and corroborate empirically a hitherto undocumented mechanism: the role of nationality. The analysis benefits from corporate balance-sheet data with firm-director links and administrative trade data, where I can trace directors' nationality and identify robots.  Leveraging plausibly exogenous spatial variation in the supply of directors, I provide evidence of this mechanism for UK-based firms for the period 2009-2019. I show that firms with US-JP directors (top-2 non-EU robot exporting countries) have a significantly higher probability of importing non-EU robots. To probe this mechanism further, I turn to a battery of alternative specifications and an industry-level analysis that show consistent evidence. Further, the effect is concentrated in the manufacturing sector and confined mostly to machines. To guide the analysis and rationalise the evidence, I present a simple model with tasks-based production and heterogeneous in productivity firms that face a trade-off: to import robots and increase their productivity, they need to pay a premium to appoint foreign directors. Taken together, the findings highlight the role of directors' nationality in the diffusion of technologies produced abroad. Robots are a prime example as I document that their production is concentrated in a few countries making their sourcing and deployment more costly.

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